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History and our values

Luigi's intuition 
and Anna's dexterity in the kitchen.

We are in the immediate post-war period: Luigi's intuition and Anna's dexterity in the kitchen are the elements thanks to which the transformation of the  home cellar into a  a kitchen where you can prepare typical Tuscan dishes, for the neighbors.

Today, after more than 60 years, handed down from generation to generation, we work every day with love and harmony.

To the family tradition we have combined  modern technology, to improve cooking methods conservation e  respect for all the ingredients used, sought and found even among small producers of the territory.

We work with love and harmony, handing down the family tradition

Our land is our pantry.

We only use fresh raw materials, vegetables and vegetables, meat and fish from carefully selected suppliers . 


Natural specialties which, for their value, represent our culture and our home tradition . 

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