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Yacht Deck

Sea Travel Food

Are you about to embark and don't know what to buy for your galley?
SEA TRAVEL FOOD is the new kitchen service by Anna & Luigi
that brings ready meals straight to your boat.

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Order directly from our online shop   or by phone. We deliver ready meals directly to your galley.

Easy to prepare.

Dishes ready in minutes: just heat them in a pan or microwave.

Even when the weather conditions are not ideal !.

Quality dishes with a duration of 20 days

Dishes prepared daily, packaged in a protective atmosphere to guarantee freshness and taste for more than 20 days.

Cooking below deck

The problems related to time from  spending time under deck to cook, ARE OVER.

No more seasickness, no more unbearable heat.

Space optimization.

Your galley always in order:

easily stackable trays to reduce storage spaces.

Saving water

There is no longer a need to use water for cooking.

Stocks last longer, navigation faster (no need to stop in port), costs decrease.

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