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"The peposo is a typical dish of the Impruneta tradition, in fact it was born inside the kilns of Impruneta,   at the time the ovens were burning wood, and it was necessary for the kilns to spend the nights in front of the ovens to feed the fire.

And it is precisely in these long waking nights that peposo is born: a poor but tasty dish, in order to better withstand the cold and tiredness, cooked in a pan - naturally cooked - at the mouth of the oven.

Legend has it, among other things, that the architect Filippo Brunelleschi, who personally went to the kilns to check that the bricks for its dome  were perfect, tasted peposo several times and was ecstatic. "_ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Anna's words to describe this marvel of beef, good red wine and freshly ground pepper.


Portion weight 250gr.



    • ENERGY VALUE 118.52 kcal / 495.89 kJoule
    • FATS 4.18 g.
    • SATURATED FATS 1.52 g.
    • CARBOHYDRATES 1.72 g.
    • OF WHICH SUGARS 0.80 g.
    • PROTEIN 14.43 g.
    • SALT 0.91 g.

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