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Throughout the province of Lucca, meat ravioli are called tordelli  and not tortelli as in much of the rest of Italy.

A true, a little rustic preparation that every housewife prepares in her own way ... Anna is one of them: she taught us to make them with a meat filling (super secret) and to dress them with meat sauce.

What can I say ... spectacular.


Portion weight 250gr.

Tordelli from Lucca with meat sauce


    • ENERGY VALUE 225.22 kcal / 942.32 kJoule
    • FATS 12.74 g.
    • SATURATED FAT 3.03 g.
    • CARBOHYDRATES 18.28 g.
    • OF WHICH SUGARS 1.30 g.
    • PROTEIN 8.75 g.
    • SALT 1.00 g.

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      • Gluten

      • Egg

      • Soy

      • Nuts

      • Milk

      • Celery


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